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Perceptual and Ocular motor Therapy

Vision Perception is the ability to interpret, analyze, and give meaning to what we see.

  • 45 minutes
  • Assessment Dependent
  • Kharadi- Pune

Service Description

Vision Perception is the ability to interpret, analyze, and give meaning to what we see. These skills help us recognize and integrate visual stimuli with previously stored data to form a stable, predictable, familiar world. In other words, vision perception allows us to understand, not just see. In school, visual perceptual skills are particularly important. Without good perceptual skills, we could not recognize words we’ve already seen, tell the difference between a p and q, sequence the order of letters when spelling, visualize reading content for comprehension, determine left from right, scan a busy worksheet, mentally manipulate objects in math, conceptualize relationships in science, and connect other sensory stimuli to our visual construct, such as the sound of a keyboard to a piano. Visual perception skills are generally broken down into distinctive subcategories based on their analytical function. These subsets of skills do not work in isolation but operate in combination for efficient visual function. Whether considered separately or collectively, these skills are critical to learning.

Cancellation Policy

– Maximum of 2 days will be compensated either by providing compensatory sessions or by refunding the payment, if the client cancels the therapy sessions due to unforseens and exingent circumstances. - If a client needs to rearrange a Therapy session, they should provide at least 48 hours notice. No refunds will be given to clients for unused coaching sessions unless 48 hours notice has been given. In exceptional circumstances CogniDarn may need to rearrange a coaching session. In those instances we will also give the client 48 hours notice where practical. – Where a client pays for a session or sessions in advance they must book the Therapy session(s) that they have paid for within 6 months of the payment or their fee is forfeited.

Contact Details

  • CITY VISTA - Kolte Patil Developers, Ashoka Nagar, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India

    +91 20 40052778

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